CBlocks Color Match Game 1.2.1

cblocks121iconWe have a new version of CBlocks.  We make a more stable version with less ads.  And decided to add a user suggested feature.  We do listen to the users and their suggestions.


In version 1.1.1 we added musical tones.  Now in version 1.2.1 we have added +2 points for “fast mode”.
On normal mode you get +1 point for each correct answer but lose a point for correct answers that you let slip by. Playing on fast mode will allow you to earn +2 for tapping the correct blocks, but cost you 2 points if you miss a correct block.
In 1.2.1, we have also made CBlocks more accessible to other iTunes stores.


Download the new version of CBlocks from the App Store:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id883372356

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