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cblocks121iconWe are an indie developer team very new to the the app store world.  We have a couple of game concepts laying around and we want to develop them and put them out.  The first game we released was called Cblocks.   We felt that it was a simple enough concept that we would not lose much it did not do as well as we wanted.


We decided to use Cblock as a way to learn how to upload, present and market an app.  We search the web and found a few tools to use.  Some gave very poor metrics and flat out bad advice.


Since we are new to app store optimization (ASO) we have made some rookie mistakes.  We thought that if we can find a small market with very little competition we might do well.  We were wrong.


Once we started using SensorTower it showed us very clearly where we went wrong.  What we learned was that you should develop with an audience in mind and put market analysis first.  SensorTower should be the first thing you use not the last.

sensortower cblocks

sensortower cblocks



Typing in “Cblocks” in to SensorTower gives a quick assessment of our games status.  As you can see version 1.2, it is not doing too well.  Its visibility is 46 out of 100 and Internationalization is a big fat ZERO!  So what did we do wrong?  Well, for one thing we are using a keyword that has high competition.  “Color Match” is not an easy word to get into.


sensortower cblocks keywords

sensortower cblocks keywords


Using SensorTower Keyword Rank feature, you can see that “Color Match” has an iPhone Difficulty of 5.1 and an iPad Difficulty of 5.0.  The higher this number is the harder it is to compete with other Apps using that keyword.   What Keyword Rank also shows us is the estimated popularity for a keyword. This is called “Traffic”.  It is giving you an idea on the how many people are typing that keyword compared to other keywords.


In the Cblocks “color match” example, you can see that it is very difficult to compete.   There are almost 2000 apps ranking for that keyword in the App Store.  Cblocks 1.2 ranks at 100+.  So this keyword is saturated with very little Traffic.  Cblocks does well for the keyword “color speed match” ranking at 5 in among 40+ other apps, however the traffic is very little (0) with means we will not get any one typing that particular phrase in to find our game.


Now that we know where we went wrong with our first app, we are currently in the process of getting business intelligence to have a successful app.  We will package every new app with target market in mind.


What we have learned is that if you want a better chance of getting your app to get downloads, you need low competition and high traffic.  Our current project is going to focus on this.


We started with the SensorTower Keyword Research tool to find a few decent keywords that might give us a chance for exposure.  We will keep you posted on our results.



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